Onyx Finance is both a mortgage manager and a mortgage broker.  As a mortgage broker, we offer you access to a wide range of loan products available to the Australian market.  This means you have a much better chance of finding a loan tailored to your specific requirements than if you take out a loan with a bank, where you only have access to their ‘in-house’ home loans.  Interested? Find out more about our extensive range of loan products.  You can also get an overview of the interest rate options we have on offer by checking out our recent blog post, ‘What are the Current Home Loan Interest Rates?

However, Onyx Finance offers more than simply accessing quality, affordable finance options. If you choose to take advantage of our mortgage management option, you can also enjoy the benefits of a relationship managed loan.  Getting ‘help’ from the banks is often a matter of wading through a long phone system before talking to a new ‘consultant’ every time that you call.  It’s frustrating, and when large sums of money are involved, often stressful.

By choosing a relationship managed loan with Onyx, you will work with a small team of dedicated consultants from start to finish.  We help you lodge the application, guide you through the approval process and continue to support you for the life of the loan – very useful if you want to refinance, redraw money or discharge your loan early.

We also specialize in finance strategy – we can often find finance solutions to suit challenging situations, such as for self employed people or business owners, when the banks will simply refuse to consider helping you.  In addition, we love figuring out strategies to help you minimize the costs associated with your mortgage so you can maximize the returns you get from your investments.  Here are some of our more recent blog posts to give you a flavour of what we can do in this area:

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By choosing to source mortgage finance through Onyx Finance, you can not only access the best loans on the market, but you can take advantage of our one-on-one support and years of experience in financial strategies.  If you have any questions, are looking for mortgage finance or simply advice, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us on 1300 1400 15.